Just a couple of story tellers

It's not just the story, but how it's told. St. Laurent Photography specializes in timeless reportage-style wedding photography and videography, helping capture the real story as it unfolds. We don't use awkward poses or trendy gimmicks, but instead, we take the time to directing clients to capture the raw emotion, the instagrammable celebration, and the pure intimacy present in the day.

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Daren Zomerman

Daren first picked up a camera as a student journalist, where he learned the trade by competing for the coveted weekly cover shot. Since then, he worked as a journalist at a small newspaper in Alberta where he honed the craft telling stories of the community through photography.

These days, he loves capturing the unique moments and quirks of every couple he interacts with.

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Brandon Johnston

Brandon grew up on the East Coast of Canada, and moved to Montreal to pursue a career in photo and video journalism. These days, he's can be found making videos around the world with Doctors Without Borders and various other non-profit organizations helping those in need from his home base in the Parc district of Montreal.

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